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Project Management is complex process that requires multiple entities and systems to work in tandem. At Fluidscapes, not only do we understand the dynamics of people and systems communicating with each other, we possess the knack to simplify the most complex requirements into achievable goals and efficient processes.
We internalize our clients’operational and business goals, put to action our communication and process expertise and execute them to perfection. Our tech expertise enables us to engage and if need be, devise apps, softwares and systems for our clients’ benefit.
Some of our key services under project management include:

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Infrastructure Management

Brand Naming

We give you a name your audience won’t forget

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Web-based app developtment

Brand Identity Creation

A logo and identity that’s out there

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Content Management

Brand Guidelines

A brand bible to stick to forever

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Support Management

Brand Management

Yay or Nay? Giving your name a personality and your personality a place in public perception

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Communication Automation

Website Development

Does it even exist if it doesn’t have a kickass web presence? We build an address for your audience to crack *knock* *knock* jokes on.

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Development of in-house communication tools and platforms

Mobile and Web-App development

Engaging apps made with love for your audience

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Development of APIs

Content Creation

We’ll never fall short of words to tell your audience how great you are. We’re basically your best wingmen.

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Data Analytics

Design Production

Nothing says it like a great communication design plan.

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Process Automation

Audio-Visual Content Creation

Explainer videos? TVCs? Montage? Animation? You name it, we got it!

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Information Security

Social Media Management/ Marketing

Beyond likes and shares, there’s engagement and conversions. That’s where the game gets real.

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IoT Services

Digital Marketing

Your presence on the internet, amplified!

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ERP Systems

Content Marketing

Without great stories, all communication is just sales. Storytelling as a marketing activity remains a marketer’s favourite tool.

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CRM Systems

Google Ads

They look up your competition, they find you. They look up your neighbour, they find you. They look up to God, they find you!

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Inventory Management Systems

Search Engine Optimisation

Basically, they find you no matter what they look up on search engines.

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Human Resource Management Systems

Digital Media Buying

All sweet spots on the internet, saved just for you!

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